Join NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) for our Better Together for Stakeholder Success Conference on March 18 and 19, 2021.  During this special two-day, interactive, virtual conference OSTEM’s grantees and partners will come together to hear directly from NASA’s technical projects and missions, discuss best practices in engaging students in STEM, and connect through staffed poster sessions, an interactive virtual exhibit hall and more.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

The purpose of this event is:

·         Connect OSTEM grantees with each other to encourage greater collaboration

·         Connect grantees to NASA’s technical content and mission

·         Promote and facilitate dialogue on broadening participation in STEM

Why Attend?

  • Join virtually from the comfort of your workspace. For NASA participants, NASA CIO has approved the use of the browser version of Zoom to participate in webinars for this event.
  • Engage, interact, and network with NASA stakeholders, partners and NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement grantees, including Space Grant, MUREP, Next Gen STEM and EPSCoR. Take advantage of opportunities to converse directly with NASA leadership and technical experts from projects like Artemis, Commercial Crew Program, Mars 2020, James Webb Space Telescope, X-Planes and Lunar Technologies. Fully utilize the interactive and immersive virtual conference platform. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below or reach out to HQ-STEM-Engagement@mail.nasa.gov for conference-related questions or stemtogether2@getvfairs.io for technical questions.
  • Gain an understanding of how your work contributes to the goal of increasing K-12 involvement in NASA projects, enhance higher education, support underrepresented communities, strengthen online education and boost NASA’s contribution to informal education. Participate in NASA mission-focused tech-talks, hear from NASA leadership and technical experts and explore the exhibits and poster hall to immerse yourself in current and future NASA mission content.
  • Accelerate your NASA STEM journey as you learn more about the NASA Office of STEM Engagement expansive efforts to reach broader and more diverse groups of students, as well as support educators and institutions. Be purposeful in your efforts to seek opportunities for synergy, as together we carry out NASA’s vision for our next generation of explorers. NASA STEM, we are Better Together because of you!

Accelerate your NASA STEM journey by hearing from the various speakers on how to inspire, educate and engage the next generation

Highlights from December’s NASA STEM Better Together Conference

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